hi, do you all use JENV ?

it seems very convenient but just hoped for some feedback from this list
i.e. this in the context of coding and testing jruby projects.



so let me ask this another way, what do you all do to manage different
versions of java, conveniently ?



I don’t know what you mean by convince but usually alternatives works
for me in the terminal. If I have to use a Mac, I just source scripts
that reset env variables.

Also I use IntelliJ, which manages per module SDKs for me. Some people
like a per-session configuration because alternatives is a system wide
setting and it isn’t available on OS X, I think that’s where jenv will

When it comes to and assembly and integration testing, our build
environment is VM based but I recently started working with Vagrant and
am extremely pleased with it.


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my convenient I mean like rvm use etc

I do use Intellij as well and with regards to dev that works fine

Vagrant is cool, use to build my VMs for testing