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I know I haven’t been too active on this list lately, but that’s because
am super busy with other projects. One of those projects is working on
Ruby Rogues podcast ( with some other very smart
developers, so I hope you are all listening to those episodes. I do
being a part of the discussion here though.

One recent project of mine that I’m pretty excited about is a series of
articles I’m writing called “Rubies in the Rough.” Most of you probably
know how much I love to teach Ruby, but this series is a very special
of that.

Instead of teaching rote elements, like syntax, “Rubies in the Rough”
teaches how I’ve learned to think about programming. Don’t get me
the lessons are taught through Ruby and you’ll learn plenty about it by
reading them, but the real focus is on upgrading your mind so you will
prepared to tackle any problem you run into. I feel that’s key, because
it’s a topic I don’t see get enough attention in other resources.

If you agree and you want to learn how I think about programming,
signing up for “Rubies in the Rough.”

The articles aren’t free. I charge a small monthly fee so that I can
afford to keep bringing you more and more content. I also use the
to enhance the site that serves the content. For example, I’ll be
comments pretty soon so that subscribers can discuss the articles with

Besides, I’m keeping the prices insanely low. It works out to $2 an
article and the last one was over 20 printed pages. It’s like you get a
new book chapter each time I publish one.

You get access to one article when you sign up and I recommend the
published “Even More Eloquent Ruby.” In it, I go through some of the
examples in the popular book, “Eloquent Ruby,” and show off exactly what
can learn from them. I’ve had quite a few people tell me they learned a
lot from this article already and it’s only about a day old now.

You can sign up and gain acces to the “Even More Eloquent Ruby” article
using the link below:

Let me know if I can answer any questions and thanks for your time.

James Edward G. II

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