Jedit ruby plugin


thought i might ask around here for this. apologies ahead of time if
bothers anyone, but there are no real other alternatives.

i’m trying to download the latest jedit ruby plugin files but apparently
jedit is having issues with their webserver and I have not seen anywhere
else to get the plugin other than the main site.

if anyone is using jedit and has the 0.7.6 version of the plugin I would
appreciate it if you could email it to me. i specifically need:


for version 0.7.6



unfortunately the ruby plugin is not available that way (doesn’t show up
the list of plugins to install).

i’m sitting here with wget’s only d/l’ing at
something like 100B/s and then times out. i got 200K
of 1M on the RubyPlugin.jar file after several retries…but then it
out and started over. still haven’t managed to get the files.

so again, if anyone has version 0.7.6 please email. thanks.


On 2/16/06, Chris H. removed_email_address@domain.invalid wrote:


for version 0.7.6

This may or may not help, but I just went through a similar problem
with the jEdit XML plugin. I kept getting an I/O when trying to
install from inside jEdit.

I solved it by doing the following from inside jEdit.

  • Menu: Plugins -> Plugin Manager
  • Click: Download Options
  • Click: Update Mirror List
  • (wait a few seconds for the list to populate)
  • Click: a mirror on your continent (I used the University of Minnesota)

And that’s it. The XML plugin installed perfectly after that.

– James


I think this is the right version: