jEdit as an IDE


I was just wondering if anyone out there has used jEdit as a Ruby
and if so, what their overall opinion was?
Thanks for your time,
Sean McFarland


An IDE is in fact the entire set up workplace tools in front of a
The less ambiguity between me & the code, the better.
If I have to wonder if it’s a bit of windoze in the way, I don’t want
If I have to wait for some monster such as eclipse to load, that in
itself is an issue.
Let alone the layers it will present with all the ‘tools’.
Here, though Jedit is a rare beast.
It is lean enough to get a good job of editing done.
With a pleasing interface.
The Ruby executable options are not primary though.
As a tool in your favor, it is excellent.

(Disclaimer): Most recently polished versions of plugins may not have
been part of my config.

There is an adventure in following down the track the primary developer
I am nnn steps behind.



i have been using JEdit for a while, and i like it a lot. i use vim
more than anything, but JEdit is especailly cool when i am working
with a project of lots of files. It has support for ruby and rhtml.
Very easy to customize. Has lots of plugins to do about anything you