Jconsole mbeans connection


I am trying to use jruby to connect to the jconsole’s Mbeans to get
counter values in the output.
I installed jmx4r gems for that purpose.

so this is what I am doing: as follows "-

(takes me to the jruby interactive console on linux)
mp = JMX::MBean.find_all_by_name “Process:name=MyProcessStatistics”,
:host => “localhost”, :port => 3001

Ideally, this command should display all the functions inside the
process, so that I can use ‘put’ to display the counter values…for
instance. it should give something like below


but it actually just returns => [#JMX::MBean:0x4178feba]
Not sure what that means… Can someone please help?

You are getting back all by that name so you have an array of results.

The result itself is a class in jmx4r which uses method_missing magic.
am guessing you need to call something on it to get individual values.
want like a = find_all_by_name(…); a[0].TotalFilesDispatched.