Jbundler first gem


just pushed a first gem of jbundler. jbundler tries to manage jar
dependencies of ruby projects along side Bundler.

add to you Gemfile

gem ‘jbundler’

any jar dependency of your project goes into Mvnfile. something like:

jar ‘org.slf4j:slf4j-simple’, ‘~> 1.6.2’

you need to use “Bundler.require” to setup your gems environment and
your classloader with your jars (or use “Bundler.setup; require
‘jbundler’”). this is already done by rails.

the jbundler does the resolving at the first run of your software (not
during “bundle install”). but any successive runs skip jbundler almost
completely and just sets up the classloader/classpath for the project
unless the Mvnfile or Gemfile.lock did change in between.

it will create a Mvnfile.lock to lock down the version for the above
jar. you can also use a maven like version (a version hint for maven)
with all its pros and cons:

jar ‘org.slf4j:slf4j-simple’, ‘1.6.2’

there might be still platform issue though I tried to isolate jbundler
as much as I can think of. so please report them on

any little problem you encounter will help to improve things when
reported. please use https://github.com/mkristian/jbundler/issues.

hope it will help your project.