Javascripts Controller Not working

I am trying to make a javascripts controller work. The only resource I
can find on this is here : #88 Dynamic Select Menus - RailsCasts

I have tried everything in the tutorial and the comments including May
22 08 comment by “pi_p master” for respond_to do format etc. and here
is my predicament; my application works on my development machine just
fine; when I transport the application to my production environment it
does not call the javascripts controller; I have the following error :

1 2 3404 Not Found 4 5

Not Found


The requested URL /javascripts/dynamic_units.js was not found on this server.

7 Now I have even tried putting in explicitly map.connect ':controller/:action.:format' as well as : map.js '/javascripts/ dynamic_units.js' , :controller=>'javascripts', :action =>'dynamic_units' and whatever permutation I could fathom but to no avail. I know the dynamic_units method in javascripts_controller is not called because the logger never outputs any lines.