Javascript in AJAX

When I update a div via AJAX, Rails eats the Javascript I’m trying to
send. My code is below… the draggable code (or anything I enclose in

tags) does NOT render in the browser. This same code DOES work when written via the original GET. Code follows: -------------------------------------------------------- <% if not @timeline_clips.nil? %> <% @timeline_clips.each do |movie| %> <%= image_tag @thumbs_location + "/#{movie.hashed_value}.jpg", :id => "movie_#{}", :alt => "#{movie.title}", :class => 'thumbs' %> <%= draggable_element "movie_#{}", :revert => true, :ghosting => true %> <% end %> <% else %> No clips in timeline. <% end %> -------------------------------------------------------

By eats do you mean completely absent, or just not executed ? Have you
tried using firebug to see exacltly what the server sends back?


I mean completely absent, no trace that it was there. But the stuff
before AND after it renders.

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