JavaScript error in the admin interface


Got a slight problem. It doesn’t break Radiant but we’re trying to
the use of RadiantCMS for our clients and the error causes difficulties.

When I edit a page in the admin interface and click the javascript
button to reach the slug/breadcrumb.

I’m hit, figuratively, with this:

URL bar reads: javascript:Element.toggle(‘extended-metadata’,
‘more-extended-metadata’, ‘less-extended-metadata’)

Page opens up with this: [object HTMLDivElement].

If I click the back button, I return to the previous page and the slug
open. So I can still edit the slug.

Any ideas what’s going on?

Kind regards,

Adam Craven

This has been fixed in the mental branch. We could merge the change
back to trunk if necessary, or you can use the mental branch.


Thanks Sean,

For clients it would be better to have the most stable version. If the
back to trunk is a small and painless one, I’d appreciate that very


I do not remember the exact file, but the necessary change is as
simple as making 'a href=“javascript:someFunction()…” into 'a
href="#" onclick=“someFunction()”. There is a patch available on Trac
if you look around.