JavaOne and CommunityOne

I figured I’d post these here too since they’re pretty fun events,
JavaOne can accommodate many Ruby and JRuby-related talks, and
CommunityOne isn’t even Java-centric. I’d love to see some of you
“classic” Rubyists submit a couple talks to either event. Maybe you have
a interest in trying out JRuby this spring and know what you might be
working on? Maybe you just want to give the CommunityOne crowd a real
taste of what the Ruby world is really like?

Please help me bring Ruby to the masses!

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Subject: [jruby-user] JavaOne and CommunityOne reminders
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 12:17:46 -0600
From: Charles Oliver N. [email protected]
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Just a reminder, folks, JavaOne and CommunityOne submission deadlines
are rapidly approaching!

CommunityOne East - March 18-19, 2009 - New York City
CommunityOne West - June 1-2, 2009 - San Francisco
Deadline to submit speaking abstracts: Dec. 11, 2008
Where to make submissions:
Event Details (external):

Questions/Inquiries: [email protected]

JavaOne - June 2-5, 2008 - San Francisco
Deadline to submit speaking abstracts: December 19, 2008
Where to make submissions:
Even Details (external):

Questions/Inquiries: [email protected]

Feel free to sync up on this list. Remember you get free admission to
the biggest Java event in the world, if your talk is selected for
JavaOne, and CommunityOne is a great “everything” conf too.

  • Charlie

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