Java script to HTML table

I am new to ruby on rails.I have started working in existing application.I have java script file where code has written for getting Json response.Same response called in HTML erb file like .When i enter click option response will be shown in text area.My requirement is i need to split this json response and save it in html table format. Can anyone help on this how to achieve this?


Hello @rajapandian83,

Would suggest to check this gem: json2table

Good luck!

Thanks.In My application getting Json response code written in HTML file which is available in Views folder. div id=“http_response”.This http_response logic written in Java script file.All the get and post validation done in java script file.When I click get value button json response will display in text field.Now I need to split the Json response and insert data into html table for every click .you have given for jsontotable.But I am getting response from js file.