Java interpreter for ruby?

Hi, I’m looking for an interpreter for Java that allows me to run my
programs on the ruby interpreter. I know there’s a compiler that lets
run Java programs on the scala interpreter, but I can’t find one to run
Java on the ruby platform? Any help>

How about using JRuby to run ruby on Java?

I am yet to give scala ago, however from my current understanding…

scala and java both compile to byte code that runs on the JVM.
they both share a runtime which will make it more straightforward to get
two to co-operate.

The only “shared” runtime for java and ruby that I am aware of is,

Alternatively if your application can be separated into tasks that do
need a high level of communication you could possibly spawn a java
seperate from the ruby process.


Paul McMahon a écrit :

How about using JRuby to run ruby on Java?

JRuby can also be used as a glue to assemble Java
objects. For example, it is possible to parse a
ruby String containing some xml, using JDOM and
SAXBuilder. But some special attention must be paid
to constructing Java arrays from ruby.