Java interoperation; lambda to callbacks?


Hey I have a quick question. Will jruby convert my lambdas to java
callbacks? To be more specific, I’m working with JavaFX (with JRubyFX)
I have a method setCellValueFactory() that expects takes a java Callback
a parameter. Since Java 8 added lambdas, the java code might be
like this:

  • Peter Lauck


col.setCellValueFactory( cellData -> cellData.getValue())

Would this code be equivalent to writing the jruby code:

col.set_cell_value_factory( lambda { |data| data.get_value } )

Will jruby do the correct conversion? Perhaps I should use Proc instead

Thanks in advance for the help

P.S. Sorry about splitting this up into 2 emails

  • Peter Lauck


Well the method works with a lambda so I assume either jruby or jrubyfx
handling that conversion.

  • Peter Lauck