Java annotations

Hello I am new to jruby, but I ran already into a problem, I am
searching for a way to use java annotations in a way that jrubyc
generates the annotations for the generated java class ala

java_annoation ‘@WhatEverTheAnnotationIs
class MyClass

which then should result in a java class
class MyClass {
… ruby bindings here

Is ther a way to do it I cannot find any references on the net.

Kind regards

Werner Punz

this article might help you, xshay uses it

On Oct 22, 2012, at 7:53 AM, Werner Punz wrote:


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Also, “Using JRuby” is an excellent book, and has some coverage of

I like having the ebook handy on my system so I can consult it when I
have questions.

  • Keith

Keith R. Bennett