Java 8

What are the ramifications of Java 8? Is the current version of JRuby
compatible with it? What are the main benefits and drawbacks?

(I didn’t see this covered elsewhere – let me know if it is)

Yes the current version of jruby 1.7.11 works out of the box with java
8: I
tried it out today on windows.

I noticed a mild speed improvement over java 7. It might be better if
you’re able to recompile jruby with jdk 8.

More testing is needed of course but so far it looks very promising.
On Mar 26, 2014 9:07 PM, “John Joseph B.”
[email protected]

It works, about performance I got this statement from Charles in mind:

“Getting reports of excellent performance on JRuby + invokedynamic +
Java 8. Also reports that cold perf + startup is way worse. Le sigh.”

Le sigh indeed.