Jasperreport and rails

Hi everybody,

I have a rails application and a report designed by iReport.
I want to combine rails and jasper to obtain a pdf document…
Sincerly, i followed the tutorial in
and i haven’t obtain a result because i coud’nt understand where i put
these codes…

I knocked in this door and i hope to obtain your help…

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Don’t go down that road. I’ve spent weeks trying to get that to work
and it basically stinks!
It never has worked and the guy who wrote the tutorial never got it to
work, either.
Many wasted hours down that road.

thanks for ur help…
I don’t know if my idea is good but i try to work with jruby… ie to
integrate java code in my jruby application and i hope that it work…
do u have some idea in that?

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