Jackbox RC1 Challenge

Jackbox RC1 Challenge

You must enter the challenge by September 15, 2015.


There are two prizes. The first $500 dollar prize goes to the
person/team who develops the most complete and innovative application
with Jackbox. The second $300 prize goes to the person/team who finds
the most issues with Jackbox.


The deadline for the challenge, that is the time by which all
deliverables and issues must be submitted, is November 15, 2015.

Winner Selection:

Selection of the winner will done by November 22, 2015 from among all
the participants entered into the challenge as described in the
Challenge Rules.

Rules of the Challenge:

Please visit the challenge url at:

Ugh, just took a peek into sources and seen they are encrypted with

Would be quite astounded when anybody would blindly install this on his

That’s interesting. Let me ask you this: Do you have the source code to
all the software you have installed on your machine?



Yes all software installed is open source, with the exception of Adobe’s
flashplugin which was run together with web browser in a dedicated VM.
Now, when most sites I regularly visit do support HTML5, I didn’t used
it since.

Btw. never met a closed source Ruby gem so far even at my several jobs.
What a new experience.

I should add to closed software also most of devices firmware, but
that’s a mass product of in-time verified producers. Although it can
contain malicious code, it’s a bit excessive being compared to.


I don’t want to argue with you, but I really don’t see how? Please
explain what OS you are using, what version. What your work entails and
what software do you use for that? I bet you we can find lots of
software for which you don’t have the source code.

Even if you did hypothetically have all the source code, have you
actually read it all? Do you know what all of it is doing? Moreover,
since it’s all open source, as you say, do you know who actually wrote


Lou H. Alvarez