I've got some "what the heck?" questions regarding the asset pipeline (like why does it blow the ent

Hi -

I’ve got a couple of questions about the asset pipeline that I’m not
seeing answered in the guides or blogs…

First… “rake assets:clean” simply blows away public/assets in it’s
entirety. I suppose this is okay as long as you never ever ever put
anything else in there, but in my trial case I have paperclip also
dumping it’s files into public/assets. True this is a hold over from an
earlier version, but I’ll admit I was surprised when assets:clean wiped
out files that aren’t part of any asset pipeline. It seems like this is
a bug and that assets:clean should check the manifest.yml file and only
remove files listed there, but maybe I’m missing something. Maybe there
should just be a gigantic warning in the docs saying “don’t put files
into assets”.

Would love to get some feedback on what other people think about this?

Second… naming conflicts. Given app/assets/foo/rails.png and
app/assets/bar/rails.png then public/assets/rails.png will always be the
one from ‘foo’. This irks me for some reason. The above is contrived,
but I could see tossing some jQuery plugin code in there (some lightbox
one for example) and out of pure bad luck ending up with a conflict.

So… should I simply never do this? Or if I do, should I also go
through and tweak the urls that jquery plugin is going to use? Or?

Appreciate any insights people have gleaned who’ve been using 3.1 longer
than I have. I probably just need to shift my thinking, but at first
glance I’m unsettled.