Its a bird, its a plane, no ummm, its a Ruide

Well, maybe.

I did a partial braindump into:

just now. I’m too impatient to get back to work to learn Textile
right now, and couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. sheeez. the
stuff you kids keep coming up with.

I have pages of stuff prepared for the major modules.

Can I really post images at gitHub now? Diagrams would help, just
so much and I have that done on my office “posters” - old fashioned
but don’t laugh - it works.

The GOAL is to have a demonstration system up, fully functioning, on
some non-proprietary datasets. With some generic HelperClasses.
Everything else I can think of I will share on a as-needed basis if
the right folks are interested in putting it together.

At the CONSOLE level the whole thing is 100% ruby, and not too non-
standard (I use 4 spaces not 2 and like that - so sue me).

I’ll email / converse with takers but only 1 or 2 - I have to keep my
head down on the commercial path.

I’m explicitly personally not interested in the financial, I know
that’s where a lot of money is but I rather hate how HedgeFunds
sometimes do what they do - unless somebody has an anti-hedgefund
strategy - I don’t want to be involved in that stuff again.

My chosen domain (#3) is Drug Related. There are patient records
getting simulated, health conditions, common uses, contra
indications, adverse effects and so on - somebody interested in
something related? There is plenty of room to expand breadth wise
coming up in 2-3 months. I really need to get this done as mapped out

I have a lot of ideas and stuff from domain#1 which was Computer
systems. Fascinating stuff, that… the original idea was to
“Scan” a shopping basket and I still think that was a cool idea that
will come.

Is the stuff a reproduction of a copy of something done in the 60’s.
I severely doubt it. Is it something that was done at MTI in the
90’s. Eh, maybe but who cares? Are these real Boids - clearly NOT -
but I will tell you that the Swarm mental model fits like a old
glove. Let other folks decide what to call their stuff - right now I
like Ruids the best yet. Pays homage to Ruby - and well, ah, I’m
descended from Eric the Ruid*


*Eric the Red - was a Viking Era Explorer with a real bad temper. Got
kicked out of Denmark/Norway to Iceland. Then got kicked off Iceland
so he didn’t have anything better to do than discover America - or
something like that.

PS There’s an important output related module that makes sense of all
the “scores” and such. This is a real dilemma because it has to be
and needs to be web based. I started mine in Wee and it showed me
that it could be done.

Wee is small and made sense to me.

But to require Rack and Wee and its few dependencies to see a simple
“score” seems out of wack.

I have no simple solution for this… text will support primitive
scoring but it won’t support “drill down” - and that is free from the
other modules. The other ouput is somewhat or entirely domain

Something simple and nice without a fortran88 dependency would be real