Its a bird, its a plane, its.. um, an Attribute based System?

And this doesn’t make any particular sense to me.

There is said to be a PHP version working with ECommerce?

and It is open source.

This was where the original concept only… as I have stated from
the beginning.

And FOR THE RECORD - a AI “claim” was never made by me, that got
schleppt into this with “Boid” which was my naive, but sincere best
guess to what “this is”.

BUT there’s more… sorry… but thinking of the top of my head:

  1. A “ruid” framework would be 100% pure Ruby
  2. Would run no more than about 4,000 lines total - stretched out
    with lots of comments
  3. Would have zero dependencies
  4. Is “self adjusting” - externally appended units, all just
    “pluglet” right in.
  5. a 100% pure ruby “object base” can bolt right on - I will guess -
    my testing 2 years ago on couchDB proved that to me (via JSON)

Finally this is straight up early on “conjecture” based on the
“shopping Basket example”.

That was where the concept started.

It has moved on to be something else, but probably not something too
radically different.

Now you all can tell me how boring you find this, but I am still
wondering if anybody has hooked up all this stuff so that the only
maintenance is in those “Helper Classes”. That is working out just
very nicely and a less dynamic system could not begin to do that
without deserving “instant legacy” stature in my humble book.

Meanwhile I will continue to build that public wiki at:

at my own pace consistent with a “proprietary” release in 3 months or

I’d also be interested to see this hooked up to Spree! I liked very
much what I was seeing there… and they have had a fresh version, a
good team and such. In fact, if this bolted into Spree a great deal
of what I need to do to get the proprietary system up could be
“avoided”, and I’d like to consider that path.

Nobody has really “clicked” 100% on where the limitations of this
system is - and I’m not ashamed to say it, those “HelperClass” method
calls could use Prolog or who knows what to do whatever beyond the
problem I set out to solve.


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