Iterate data on the model

Hello everybody,

I have 2 tables users and videos. I create another table (video_users)
to link them with easiness of rails.

On the view when user 1 clic play button to view video 1, user_id and
video_id are load automatically on table videos_users.

When user clic again, the same thing append on new record.


This is what happend on database:

user_id video_id
1 1
1 1

How can I have something like this?

user_id video_id number_view
1 1 2

Model User:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :video_users
has_many :videos, through: :video_users

Model Video:

class Video < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :video_users
has_many :users, through: :video_users

Model VideoUser

class VideoUser < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :video
belongs_to :user

Migration video_users:

class CreateVideoUsers < ActiveRecord::Migration
def change
create_table :video_users do |t|
t.references :video, index: true
t.references :user, index: true



When i tried to create column number_view, i have some error:
SQLite3::SQLException: no such table: videos_users: ALTER TABLE
“videos_users” ADD “number_view” integer DEFAULT 1

Thank you very much

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