It worked the first time, but what is happening now?

I was walking through this simple Rails guide:

I’m concentrating here in the map.root route and having a page to show
when navigating to http://localhost:3000 instead of the default one.

I will tell you what I did, and just wonder what I have missed?

Rails blog
cd blog
script/generate controller home index

Customized the index.html.erb of “home” and inserted some content (i.e;
This is the homepage)

Then, removed the index.html.erb in the “public” directory.

After that, in “routes.rb”, I inserted as the “first” line after
ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|

map.root :controller => “home”

What am I missing?


It worked with identical steps. I just logged out from my machine and
logged in. I don’t know if it was returning a cached page all the time.