It seems to be a restful_authentication bug (was Re: [Rails] Re: named route new_session not working

On 1/16/08, Jimmy P. [email protected] wrote:

      redirect_to new_session # <---- NOTICE


rake routes:

new_session GET /session/new {:action=>“new”,

Seems like it should work. Am I missing something?

Ahh, information.

Okay, this definitely looks like a bug in the restful_authentication
Look at the first comment here:

This seems to have been introduced lately, the last time I used
restful_authentication it generated
redirect_to :controller => ‘/session’, :action => ‘new’

I don’t know if Rick has an official bug tracking site for his plugins
(you’d think he’d be using Lighthouse ) so I’ve changed the subject
in hopes he might be more likely to read this.

Rick DeNatale

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