Issues with schema.rb

Hi all,

I have some doubts in running test cases for a ROR application.
If I create the test DB structure manually and run the individual
tests , they are working fine.
But when I use rails_rake and run all the tests together , the DB is
is getting dropped all together and the tables are generated from
One problem with this is that the db:migrate is not setting the
primary key and the autoincrement parameters for the table.

I tried to set the primary key and autoincrement parameters in
schema.rb. But it fails .

create_table “ebooks”, :id => false, :force =>
true , :primary_key=”ebook_id” , :options => “auto_increment = 10000”
do |t|

I need to understand how to set the various parameters for a table
using schema.rb. Even though the underlying table in the MYSQL DB
contains these parameters (primary_key and auto increment) , the
generated schema.rb does not contain any parameters to specify the

Can somebody help me . Am I missing something here.