Issues with Restfulie using NGinx+Passenger+Ruby on Rails 2.3.8


I have an application using a gem named Restfulie for json ajax request.
using the good and old webrick in my local dev environment and the
applicatiom works just fine.
Restfulie uses content negotiation, the response content-type is based
the “accept” http header. For example, if my request http header
“accept” is
“application/json”, the response with be a json document, if it is
“text/html”, the response will be a html page, based on a erb template.

As I said, the app works fine in Webrick, but when I deploy to the
production env, which is Ubuntu 10.04+Nginx+Passenger, it fails. The
application fails to determine that the request is a json request and
to return an HTML, even with the contentType and accept as
It looks like a passenger ou nginx problem, but I`m not sure. It looks
one of them is not passing the “accept” header to the application. Did
anyone had problems like this one? Did anyone use Restfulie with


– Rubem