Issues with restful_authentication

Hiya all,

Newbie to RoR but not MVC, I’ve worked extensively with Catalyst in
perl, so this RoR stuff is pretty neat to me.

Anyway, I’m have a heck of a time working with restful_authentication
( I’ve
run through the installation, and the instructions on how to generate
an authenticated user controller, but I keep receiving this error:

undefined method `activation_code=’ for #User:0xb76d3550

I PRAY this is something I’m doing wrong, because I’ve exhausted my
minimal knowledge as far as reinstalling, deleting and starting over
with the app, etc.

Thanks in advance for the help!



Post your migration or table definitions. That error looks like what
would happen if you didn’t have “activation_code” defined as a string
parameter on the users table.

For example, my migration for my users table looks like:

create_table :users, :force => true do |t|
  t.string :first, :last, :email, :null => false

t.datetime :last_login_at, :remember_token_expires_at, :activated_at
t.string :crypted_password, :salt, :activation_code, :limit => 40
t.string :remember_token


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