Issues with OOT

Hi everyone,

I am writing here because I have some issues using an OOT module.
I have gnuradio installed on my desktop.

I want to install gnuradio on other laptop so that I can use 2 USRP.

So, I followed the steps described here
where I used the build-gnuradio script. (I have already used this
to install gnuradio on my desktop).

But, In GRC, when I want to use my new OOT module, I get this error :

– Traceback (most recent call last): File
“/home/sagem/Bureau/”, line 140, in tb =
top_block() File “/home/sagem/Bureau/”, line 65, in
init self.test_block_test_0 = test.block_test()AttributeError:
‘module’ object has no attribute ‘block_test’

My block, named block_test, do nothing. It just copy all inputs items
output buffer.

I read some discusses about this error, but I can’t understand why I get
I checked all my CMakelist.txt, and all is good.
I run make test, and all test passed.

If someone could help me to figure this out, It would be very helpfull.


Ingénieur Systèmes, Réseaux et Télécommunications
[email protected]


hard to say from this info. However, did you go through to
learn how to write blocks? Those tutorials usually explain the most
common pitfalls.


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