Issues with globalize code from Rails Recipes

I’m looking into using globalize for our corp intranet. I’m following
the instructions from the Rails Recipes book. One issue I have come
across involves the following snippet of code:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base

after_filter :set_charset

def set_charset
unless @headers[“Content-Type”] =~ /charset/i
@headers[“Content-Type”] ||= “”
@headers[“Content-Type”] += “; charset=utf-8”

this is directly from the book. what i am noticing is that the response
headers are coming back to the browser as:

Content-Type: ;charset=utf-8

notice there is no actual content-type. if i force it to text/html

@headers[“Content-Type”] ||= “text/html”

i then see that the content-type is now set correctly and rjs appears to
still work so I am wondering if this is a typo in the code from the book
or is it something more.


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