Issues with App upgrade from rails 1.2.3 to rails 2.1.0


I am upgrading my rails app from 1.2.3 to 2.1, but facing many issues:

Few things that i noticed are :

  1. Exception_notifier plugin fails :
    ActionView::TemplateFinder::InvalidViewPath (Unprocessed view path
    found: vendor/plugins/exception_notification/lib/…/views"

    how do i fix this view_path thingie

  2. Flex Image failed - I tried upgrading to newer fleximage, but still
    facing issues in displaying the photos

  3. Acts_as_rateable : This failed too with : ArgumentError (The
    :dependent option expects either :destroy, :delete_all, or :nullify

If somebody has upgraded successfully, please throw some light.

Thanks in advance

Fix to have Exception_notifier plugin run with rails 2.1:

Add the following in environment.rb
ExceptionNotifier.class_eval do
remove_method :template_root
ExceptionNotifier.template_root =

Fix to have acts_as_rateable working with rails 2.1

Edit acts_as_rateable.rb :

Make the dependent option as :nullify instead of :true (has_many
:ratings, :as => :rateable, :dependent => :nullify )