Issues in deploying Rails on EC2 using Rubber. script/rubber file missing

I am trying to deploy a rails3.1 app to EC2 using rubber 1.15.0 gem. I
followed the instructions in the quick start guide here:
GitHub - wr0ngway/rubber: A capistrano/rails plugin that makes it easy to deploy/manage/scale to EC2. i also setup
private and public keys correctly as mentioned in faq. However, Almost
towards the end of >cap rubber:generate_staging command I get this

[] /bin/bash -l -c 'sudo -p '\''sudo password:

‘'’ bash -l -c ''‘cd /mnt/app-production/releases/20120314070940 &&
RUBBER_ENV=production RAILS_ENV=production ./script/rubber config
** [out ::] bash: ./script/rubber: No such
file or directory
command finished in 418ms
failed: “/bin/bash -l -c ‘sudo -p ‘\’‘sudo password: ‘\’’ bash -
l -c ‘\’‘cd /mnt/app-production/releases/20120314070940 &&
RUBBER_ENV=production RAILS_ENV=production ./script/rubber config ’
'’’” on

I looked at script folder and found no rubber file. It seems that that
ruber script file is NOT generated after vulcanize command. Does
anyone know what command do I need to generate that rubber script

I couldn’t find any help regarding this anywhere online.

Please use the issue tracker of this project