Issue with serialized fields and testing

Hi all,

I have a work-around for my problem, but there’s clearly something I
don’t quite understand going on here and I’d like to learn.

I have a model that has a serialized field. In the unit test for that
model I’m checking the field contents. In my fixture I have

items: “<%=[3,8].to_yaml%>”

(thanks to Fred earlier for helping me get the fixtures loading
without error - needed the quotes around the yaml)

and in the test I have

assert things(:foo).items == [3,8]

and… the test fails. The problem is that things(:foo).items ends up
being an array that has a single element, the string ‘3 - 8’. For
longer arrays the string becomes ‘3 - 8 - 1 - 2 - 3’, for example.

I can get around this by explicitly stating the yaml string as

manage_domains: “— \n- 3\n- 8”

which leads to the assertion being true… but… it’s inelegant, and
I don’t understand why the workaround is even necessary. It would be a
lot easier to use and understand if I could get the first version
working. From a couple of tests (printing to stdout) I think .to_yaml
should be putting in the new-lines, but it seems not to be in this

Anyone care to enlighten me as to why the first version doesn’t work,

-Chris W