Issue with savon and ssl headers

Hi my problem is this i’m trying to write some rules for ssl connection
but i just can’t write the attributes of some nodes.

Here is the code I wrote

soap.header = { “To” => “URL”,
“Action” => “action”,
“ReplyTo” => {“Address” => “URL”},
“MessageId” => "uuid,
“wsse:Security” => {“wsu:Timestamp” => {“wsu:Created” =>
“Time”, “wsu:Expires” => “Time”}},
:attributes! => {“ReplyTo” => { “xmlns”=> “namespace”},“To”
=> { “xmlns”=> “namespace”},“Action” => {“xmlns”=> “namespace”,
“xmlns:S” => “”,
“S:mustUnderstand”=>“1”},“MessageId” => { “xmlns”=>
WS-Addressing 1.0 Namespace”}, “wsse:Security” =>
{“S:mustUnderstand” => “1”}, “Timestamp” => {“xmlns:ns” => “url”}}

and the request it’s formed in this way


Web Services Addressing URI

<wsse:Security S:mustUnderstand=“1”>
wsu:Expires Time</wsu:Expires>
wsu:Created Time</wsu:Created>

Like you can see the issue I have is that the node Timestamp don’t have
his attribute and this happen with every node inside of another one it
just seems to work right for parent nodes

searchin I found that gyoku 0.4.4 support another way to write the
attributes using @ but i write something like this

{“a” => “@ns:name”, “_content” => {“b”, “c”}}

and it make a real mess it creates the node <_content> instead of the
result i want.

What i’m doing wrong? I use savon 0.9.9