Issue with radiobutton and remote_function in IE

Hi there!

I did implemented the radio button with remote_function to update some
div via RJS.

It works perfect with FireFox, but behaves weird with IE. When I click
the radio button
it loads data (I see the indicator showing) but not updates the div with
info until I click
left mouse button anywhere.

It’s weird =(

Here is the snippet from .rhtml code

        <input type=radio name="register[Customer]" value=R checked
        onchange="<%= remote_function( :update => 'CustomerPlans',
          :with => "'customer=R'",
          :loading => "'loading-indicator1')",
          :loaded => "Element.hide('loading-indicator1')",
          :complete => evaluate_remote_response,
          :url => { :controller => 'live', :action => 'select_plan'

} ) -%>"
<input type=radio name=“register[Customer]” value=B
onchange="<%= remote_function( :update => ‘CustomerPlans’,
:with => “‘customer=B’”,
:loading => “‘loading-indicator1’)”,
:loaded => “Element.hide(‘loading-indicator1’)”,
:complete => evaluate_remote_response,
:url => { :controller => ‘live’, :action => ‘select_plan’
} ) -%>"
<%= image_tag(’/images/indicator.gif’,
:id => ‘loading-indicator1’,
:style => ‘display:none;’ ) -%>

All the Best!

My question was:

Does anyone knows how to fix it with IE? :slight_smile:

All the Best!

Hello Sergey,
This is almost 100% assuredly nothing to do with
RoR/rails/ruby/Firefox or anything else, but from the sounds of it, this
is a variant of the classic ‘peek-a-boo’ bug. For more ‘IE’ gotcha’s,
read the webpage Once you have, you will
start to come to the scary conclusion that is; dont use IE 6.

I wish that was sarcasm.. but.. *sighs and shrugs*