Issue with paths starting with \ to ruby programs run by jruby.exe and jruby.bat

My apologies if this is known and/or not an “issue”. (I had a quick look
through maybe possible issue categories in the codehaus Issues
including all the Windows issues, but I couldn’t see anything similar to

I’ve just installed JRuby 1.5.1 using the Microsoft Windows installer
Using a small sample ruby program C:\ruby\vp.rb (but the issue seems to
with any ruby program):
puts “* ver=#{RUBY_VERSION}; plat=#{RUBY_PLATFORM};”

If I start the path to a ruby program with a \ or a /, then JRuby seems
append that path to the current working directory. (Which doesn’t happen
the path to the ruby program starts with C:, …, …, etc.) Is this
intentional, or might it be a bug?

I’ve got other examples of this behaviour, and I’d be happy to post
but the following example seems to show all the significant aspects of
behaviour, and seems to behave consistently with what I’ve just set out.

If if might be an as yet unreported bug, then I’ll be happy to try to
a bug report.

Colin B.

I’ve just deleted JRuby 1.4 from my system (because 1.5.1 seemed to be
working fully), otherwise I’d have also tried it with that.

*** example, which can run as a Microsoft Windows batch file;
*** (using any ruby program);
rem first make a new directory to ensure that it isn’t in any PATHs
md C:\QT
cd C:\QT
rem now in C:\QT
C:\jruby-1.5.1\bin\jruby.exe C:\ruby\vp.rb
rem #=> * ver=1.8.7; plat=java;
call C:\jruby-1.5.1\bin\jruby.bat C:\ruby\vp.rb
rem #=> * ver=1.8.7; plat=java;
echo on

C:\jruby-1.5.1\bin\jruby.exe \ruby\vp.rb
rem #=> Error opening script file: C:/QT/ruby/vp.rb (The system cannot
the path specified)
call C:\jruby-1.5.1\bin\jruby.bat \ruby\vp.rb
rem #=> Error opening script file: C:/QT/ruby/vp.rb (The system cannot
the path specified)
echo on

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