Issue to show data from relational database

I want to show data from two tables these are

applied_jobs table: it contains the below columns:

applied_jobs_id | jobseeker_id | expected_salary

jobseekers table: it contains the below columns:

jobseeker_id | year_of_experience | name

My view file codes:

    <% @applicants_view.each do | applicants | %>

applicants.jobseeker.year_of_experience %>

<%= applicants.expected_salary %>
     <% end %>

My controller codes:

def applicantsList

   @applicants_view = AppliedJob.paginate(page: params[:page],

:per_page => 4).order(‘applied_jobs_id DESC’)


My applied_job model codes:
class AppliedJob < ActiveRecord::Base

    belongs_to :jobseeker

My jobseeker model codes:

class Jobseeker < ActiveRecord::Base

    has_one :applied_job


When I try to show data it’s showing the below error


where line #51 raised:

  undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass

 Rails.root: C:/wamp/www/hire_us
Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace

app/views/applicants_list/applicantsList.html.erb:51:in block in _app_views_applicants_list_applicants_ist_html_erb___1439381291_141337560' app/views/applicants_list/applicantsList.html.erb:49:in_app_views_applicants_list_applicants_ist_html_erb___1439381291_141337560’

Someone can help me, please to identify where the bug?

One of your applicants has no jobseeker, it’s returning nil on

I have solved this issue by adding

<% @applicants_view.each do | applicants | %>
<% applicants.jobseeker.try(:name) %>

<% end %>

I think it will be good if share this answer in this forum so that if
anyone suffer this type of problem then it will be helpful.

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