Issue rendering past a certain point with partials

Hello all,

I posted this on the railsforum website as well, and haven’t received
any response, so I figured I’d try and get a bit more exposure by seeing
if anyone here and on the mailing list would be able to assist: I’m
having an extremely strange issue with respect to partials.

I have an empty fieldset, with an id of “claim” that in the initial
view, I have set to:

  1. <%= render :partial => 'claim', :layout => false %>

In the render file, I have a legend followed by 5 divs setting up a
4-field form (1 select, 3 text inputs) and a button, which is
conditionally either an “Add” or an “Edit”, that I’m using Prototype to
utilize AJAX submissions of the record being added or edited into the

Here’s the top of the partial:

  1. Claims
  2. <% remote_form_for @full_quote_ho_claim, :url =>
    ‘Javascript.void(0)’, :html => {:id => ‘ClaimForm’} do |form| %>
  3. <%= form.label :description, ‘Description:’ %>
  4. <%= form.text_field :description, :size => 50, :maxlength => 50
  • <%= form.label :cause_of_loss, ‘Cause of Loss:’ %>
  • <%= :cause_of_loss, @causesOfLoss %>
  • <%= form.label :date_of_loss, ‘Date of Loss:’ %>
  • <%= form.text_field :date_of_loss, :size => 10, :maxlength => 10