Issue in uploading images

Iam new at rubyonrails. I implemented the image upload in my
The image uploaded successfully but if iam trying to see those uploaded
images they look awful.

So plz help me out in this issue.

this is my rhtml file

<%= form_tag({ :action => “create” }, :multipart => true) %>


<%= submit_tag 'upload' %>

<%= end_form_tag %> controller

def create + "
/public/images/#{@params[‘picture’].original_filename}", “w”) { |f|
f.write(@params[“picture”].read) }
redirect_to :controller => ‘admin’, :action => “new1”,
:bildpfad=> @request.protocol + @request.host_with_port + "


as the code you mentioned is from me, I should help you :wink:
First, you don’t neet the “bildpfad”-string, it was just for me to
insert in a new article.

second, could you specify “hey look awful”? What did you try? gif,
jpg, png? All awful?
What system are you using?


Thanku so much for ur kind reply

I tried for gif,jpeg and png also. For gif and jpeg the image not
properly I mean to say not as original image. In the case of png the
displayed as icon(symbol only) not as image.

Here Iam attaching the original image and uploaded images.

I removed “bildpfad”

Thanku so much