ISO-8859-16 not supported?

I understood ISO-8859-16 was among the supported encoding but I get this

Encoding::ConverterNotFoundError: code converter not found for
org/jruby/ `encode’

On this line:

code = code.encode(internal_encoding) # internal_encoding = ‘UTF-8’

I can read the file correctly with:

code =,{ :encoding => file_encoding, :mode => ‘rb’}) #
file_encoding = ‘ISO-8859-16’

Any thoughts?

iso-8859-16 is supported in C Ruby from commit 33993 (Dec. 9th, 2011),
please see

It looks as if you used JRuby. Can you tell us which version?

It may be that JRuby didn’t yet implement ISO-8859-16. I have cc’ed the
JRuby implementers to get their feedback.

Regards, Martin.

My bad, I was using JRuby 1.7.6, the problems do not appear with the
original Ruby interpreter, version 2.0.

I have already opened an issue for JRuby.

More in details ruby 1.9.3 p 448 gives me this error:
bugtest.rb:2:in encode': code converter not found (ISO-8859-16 to UTF-8) (Encoding::ConverterNotFoundError) from bugtest.rb:2:in

Which seems to me more detailed in respect to the JRuby error.

Encoding::ConverterNotFoundError: code converter not found for
encode at org/jruby/
(root) at bugtest.rb:2

Ruby 2.0 runs smoothly instead, no errors raised.

Thanks for the redirect, Martin.

It turns out OpenJDK does not support ISO-8859-16 in its builtin
charsets, so I had to go ahead and implement one on my own. Fixed now
for JRuby 1.7.7 and master.

  • Charlie

On Sun, Nov 10, 2013 at 8:18 PM, “Martin J. Dürst”

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