=?iso-8859-1?q?yard-rubicle 0.1.1 released (related by Rubicle, the unofficial Ruby mascot)?=

Hello! It has been a long time. We are rubicle.net administrators.

We have released yard-rubicle gem as a part of support activity for
the unofficial Ruby mascot. It is a plugin for YARD.

(YARD is the powerful Ruby documentation tool. Refer:

You can install it by following command.

% gem install yard-rubicle

After installing, if you enable it, Rubicle silhouette appears on
of generated documents by YARD.

You can get screenshot and basic usage about yard-rubicle on following

Or if you want to know more about Rubicle, the unofficial Ruby mascot,
can get more information on following website:


Rubicle is not a software, a mascot from Japan. Rubicle has been born
from our
will, “We want a cute mascot for Ruby!” :slight_smile:

You can see the image of Rubicle and get wallpapers of Rubicle from the
website. If you want to contact, ask something or request your idea to
us, Please
send a mail or use the comment form at above webpage.


We hope that you love Rubicle. Please enjoy!