Isn't flash supposed to errr flash?

Just started going through the rails in four days tutorial (after major
set-up / install issues…) and it’s telling me about this flash feature,
which lets you “flash” a message to the user which then fades away (have
definately seen this on 37 sigs products) only thing is, mine ain’t
flashing… they just stay there… i’m guessing the flash come from the
effects / prototype librarys right? do i have to include them in my
layout.rhtml or do i have to do something else? just curious is all…

The flash feature is used for passing short-lived data between two
calls. What you’re describing is the fade effect javascript in the
effects.js file.

flash method:
Fade effect:

“craigtmackenzie” removed_email_address@domain.invalid
wrote in message news:removed_email_address@domain.invalid…

The flash stays in the session until the next request. If you set flash
you do not redirect_to, you will see it stay. In this case you should


oh ok i think i get it, so flash is like a way of sendng messages
between “states” like an edit then return to list ???

How would i ajax-ify this behaviour then, or is that a ruby on rails no
no (i’m still fairly new to ror)