Isi.rb Version 0.8


Dear Rubies and TeXnichians,

I would like to announce the release of version 0.8 of isi.rb,
a converter from ISI Export Format to BibTeX Format.
(Formerly named isi2bibtex.rb.)
Get it at !


On 14/11/05, NISHIMATSU Takeshi removed_email_address@domain.invalid

== What is isi.rb?
isi.rb converts ISI Export Format to BibTeX Format.
This is a Ruby script. You can use this script as a library.

You can get the tagged Marked List in Web of Science by pushing the
[SAVE TO FILE] button.


Thank you, Takeshi. I just wanted to add a shameless plug :wink:

Once you have the bibtex format you can manipulate it using rbibtex

a new, greatly improved version of which is in the pipeline and will
be released this week.



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