Isi-1.2.1 is released with isi2bibtex and isi2html

Dear Rubyists and TeXnicians,

“isi” is a package of Ruby scripts and libraries for ISI Export Format.
“isi2bibtex” converts ISI Export Format to BibTeX Format.
“isi2html” generates a list of articles in an HTML file.
The package also contains “isi2kakenhi” and “isi2tohoku”.

(ISI Web of Science provides their
information in ISI Export Format. You can get the tagged Marked List in
Web of Science by clicking the [SAVE TO FILE] button.)


Download: or
isi | | your community gem host

Three big differences from 1.2.0 are:

  • Documentations and its homepage are ready.
  • isi2html: value and id in
  • tag.
  • isi2tohoku: bug fix

=== Installation

gem install isi

=== Save the marked records to an output file in ISI Web of Science
Mark the articles in ISI Web of Science. Then, view and save the
marked records to an output file (savedrecs.txt). I recommend to
check “Author(s)”, “Title”, “Source”, “abstract*”, “keywords”,
“times cited” and “source abbreviation” as the fields to include
in the output file.
=== Here are some examples
$ isi2bibtex savedrecs.txt
$ isi2bibtex savedrecs1.txt savedrecs2.txt > savedrecs.bib
$ isi2bibtex < savedrecs.txt > savedrecs.bib
$ cat savedrecs.txt | isi2bibtex > savedrecs.bib
=== Convert ISI Export Format to HTML
$ isi2html --help
$ isi2html --full-name=‘Hideki Yukawa’ --name-regexp=‘(H.
Yukawa|Hideki Yukawa)’ savedrecs.txt >
Use isi2html to create your publication list.

Ciao, ciao,