ISE11.1 error using Linux CLI..Update HELP

Hello ,

          I have posted a query on the forum regarding "compiling 

[email protected]_rev3
on ISE11.1 ", I still could not find a good remedy for this.
I am attaching the error message with this mail. i hope this will help
some one to help me regarding the problem.

Compiling verilog file “…/…/u2_core/u2_core.v” in library work
Module <atr_controller> compiled
Compiling verilog file “…/u2_rev3.v” in library work
Module <u2_core> compiled
Module <u2_rev3> compiled
No errors in compilation
Analysis of file <“u2_rev3.prj”> succeeded.


  •                 Design Hierarchy Analysis 

ERROR:HDLCompilers:87 - “…/…/…/eth/rtl/verilog/MAC_rx/MAC_rx_FF.v”
134 Could not find module/primitive ‘fifo_xlnx_2Kx36_2clk’
ERROR:HDLCompilers:87 - “…/…/…/eth/mac_txfifo_int.v” line 35 Could
find module/primitive ‘fifo_xlnx_512x36_2clk’

Total memory usage is 131520 kilobytes

Number of errors : 2 ( 0 filtered)
Number of warnings : 0 ( 0 filtered)
Number of infos : 0 ( 0 filtered)

Process “Synthesis” failed
INFO:TclTasksC:1850 - process run : Generate Programming File is done

I hope to hear a remedy for this problem,

Once again thanks in advance,

We are currently working on a fix for the problems with compiling under
the ISE 11. We believe it to be a problem with ISE 11, since the design
works fine under ISE 10, but have not gotten very far. Any help anyone
can provide on this would be much appreciated.


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