ISDB-T Modulator

Hello everyone,

In the past I have posted some messages here asking for help (which I
got) for my project. Now I would like to share to you that I was able to
finish it.

I have developed a ISDB-T modulator in GNU Radio Companion. Most part of
the codes have to be developed, but I have used some that are already
deployed with GRC, such as Trellis coding, FFT, Cyclic prefix and those
data conversion, such as stream to vector.

Here is the link of the video in Youtube. It is in portuguese, because I
brazilian, but the description is in english. Feel free to ask me
about it.

Thank you.

Hello Mr. Gilbert,

Sorry for the delayed answer.

As I have developed this codes for my master degree I still need to have
some paper published and all of them must contain unpublished content.
So I
still can’t make these codes available, but for sure we have plans to
them available in the future.

Thanks for your appreciation.

2015-04-28 12:04 GMT-03:00 Jacob G. [email protected]: