Isdb-t implementation in gnuradio

Hi everyone,

Here in the lab we have been working for several months with USRPs and
GNURadio, both for teaching and research, but specially the former.
Students are very very motivated by the sense of reality that they
All in all, congratulations for all the developers involved.

In any case, here in Uruguay they are starting to deploy digital TV, the
ISDB standard in particular. So we figured that a good “long-term”
would be to implement an ISDB receiver. The first thing we had done is
verify if anyone has developed (or at least started to develop) such
receiver with GNURadio and USRP (or any other SDR platform, such as

After conducting a realtively thorough search on the internet, we have
concluded that some work has been carried out, but no code has been made
public. In particular, we found the following related works:

Anyone knows of a project to implement such receiver in GNURadio? Or
someone has tried and concluded that the required computation is too
for the host PC?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

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