Is there any curl like lib in ruby?

I am not sure if there is any curl like lib in ruby. thanks

I am not sure either, but this is how I approached this problem:

Open3.popen3(“curl --proxy #{proxy_addr}:#{proxy_port} --max-time 20”) do |stdin,stdout,stderr|
err_msg =
output =
#do something



It’s a big shame that ruby lacks curl bindings. There’s http-access2,
but it doesn’t come to curl’s toes. Curl has bindings for nearly every
language in common use, except Ruby.

BTW, if anyone is interested in making decent bindings, please post
here. I may be able to sponsor it. (Please don’t private email me.)

Good question!

I am interested in recursive listing FTP. Using Net::FTP isn’t
convienient as I want informations about size and date (I could parse
it by hand, but it isn’t that elegant). OpenURI isn’t usefull either :frowning:

Haofei W. a écrit :

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