Is there any correlation between bandwidth and subcarriers-tounes in ofdm?

Hi guys,

I wonder if there is any correlation between baseband bandwidth of
receiver side and fft-subcarriers-tounes of sender sider in OFDM? When
I set the bandwidth to 20Mhz in sender side, the spectrum analyzer of
receiver side shows only half of bandwidth(10Mhz). Does the reason
that I use 128fft and 64 subcarriers account for this phenomenon?

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The fraction of the Nyquist zone occupied is equal to the number of
active tones divided by the FFT length. The actual bandwidth then
depends on your sampling rate.


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Thanks for your reply. You mean the bandwidth in receiver side(spectrum
analyser) is only half of that of sender side if the active tones is
of the FFT length, is that right? Can you provide the explicit formula
helping me better understand.

2013/3/27 Martin B. (CEL) [email protected]