Is there any chance of getting the oniguruma patch into ruby 1.8.6 for windows


Is there any chance getting the Oniguruma Patch 2.5.9 into Ruby-1.8.6
for Windows? I believe there are a lot of Applications out there that
still use Ruby 1.8.6 and they want to use Regular Expressions as well
without having to rewrite their complete applications for Ruby 1.9.2


The latest Linux Oniguruma Patch works for Ruby 1.8.6 and the latest
Windows Patch works for Ruby 1.8.4.

See these files:

Also it seems that the Oniguruma Patch supports more regular expressions
then Ruby 1.9.2. does. See this discussion for that:[ruby-core-28235]-[feature-2759]-regexp-g-g-options-33265/

I am also willing to pay to get this job done. Once it is done, anybody
can use it.

You may contact me on Twitter (zdavatz) or via Email.


Ok, as far as I can tell I got a Ruby-1.8.6-Oniguruma Windows Installer
up and ready! :wink: Thanks to the outstanding help of Luis L. Sensei
and Jon over from Ruby-Installer for Windows.

I will double check my results asap.

So if you need Ruby-1.8.6 for Windows with the Oniguruma-Patch applied
please get in touch. I also recommend that the Oniguruma-Patch should
officially be applied for Ruby 1.8.8 to smoothen the road for all the
developers that use the very stable Version of 1.8.6 (to stable, how can
it be to stable :wink: - but at sometime need to move on
to Ruby 1.9.2.

This road has to be smooth. If it is not smooth then the popularity of
Ruby will suffer and nobody wants that. Version 2.0 of Ruby should be
the new new thing™. People that rely on the excellent Oniguruma Patch
for Ruby 1.8.6 should not have to suffer when they upgrade to
Ruby-1.9.2. That is why I vote for Ruby 1.8.8 with the Oniguruma-Patch
applied to it. That will smoothen peoples lives. Specially those peoples
lives that have big legacy applications running on Ruby 1.8.6.

So I am asking Yui Naruse as the Ruby-Core people
said they are open for questions. My hand is up: I do have a question.