Is there an original source linking Qualys report codes to codes in nginx configuration?

The online tool at Qualys for testing webserver SSL configurations,, produces a list of codes

There are a lot of howtos on the net, but none of them show how to
the actual string codes to those in the webservers. It is easy enough to
use them but there is no knowning how they arrive at those settings in

Is there some kind of table relating the Qualys codes with the actual
used in nginx configurations?

Frank C.


The codes used in the nginx configuration are from openssl. There is a
to convert the names in the manual available here:
Am 28.06.2016 05:22 schrieb “vfclists .” [email protected]:

nginx deals with an underlying library to manage TLS-ciphered content.
webserver merely sends configuration data to it on startup/reload and
this library to do the actual (en/de)ciphering job.

The one officially supported is OpenSSL, for which cipher strings and
cipher suites are listed in its ‘ciphers’ module manual (man ciphers -

B. R.

There is a correspondence table on the Mozilla Server Side TLS wiki:


On Tue, Jun 28, 2016 at 6:22 AM vfclists . [email protected] wrote:

use them but there is no knowning how they arrive at those settings in

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