Is there a way to terminate a long running spec job

and still get the output of accumulated errors?

My environment is awful, slow, and not modifiable. (Just don’t go
there! At least I get to program in Ruby, which makes up for
everything else.) So when I see some errors in a 300 example test
file, it takes a long time (many minutes) for the file to finish out
and give me some meaningful output to start debugging. Is there a way
to send a signal to the rspec process and have it terminate and
printout the accumulated errors up to that point?


On 23 Feb 2010, at 19:11, rlw wrote:


Why don’t you fiddle with the formatters to output the failures into
another file, and then just tail that file for your meaningful output?

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This sounds relatively straightforward - I didn’t know it was a
possibility to dump the errors out as things were running. Anyone have
sample code?


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